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Последний дозор >> Invitation to the free economic zone of the Crimean Federal District

Invitation to the free economic zone of the Crimean Federal District

We suggest you to become a resident of free economic zone in the territory of the Crimean Federal District, established in accordance with the Federal Law of 11.29.2014 №377-FZ for twenty five years.

Currently, of all the Russian free economic zones is on the Crimean peninsula for business created the most favorable conditions.

For investors in almost all spheres of activity (with few exceptions) since January 1, 2015 there are three kinds of benefits - the tax, customs and administrative.

This preference will only be able to receive the companies registered in the region until 2018. To become a member of the new FEZ, the investment threshold for small and medium businesses is only 3 million rubles. For large - 30 mln. Rubles. Exempt from property tax for ten years, land tax - for three years. Installed lower rates of insurance premiums: the FIU - 6 per cent (instead of 22) in the FSS - 1.5 per cent (instead of 2.9), in the HIF - 0.1 per cent (instead of 5.1).

The law provides for the establishment of the new FEZ participants of zero rate of income tax for 10 years in part, be credited to the federal budget (it is 2% of 20%). Laws of the Crimea and Sevastopol can be set and the reduced rate of income tax payable to the local budgets, but not higher than 13.5%.

Since the State Council of the Republic of Crimea has already approved a number of bills that lower for subjects of FEZ four local tax: income tax rate credited to the budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is 6 percent; UAT rate is set at 0.5 per cent; for PSN - 1 percent; for STS - 3 percent (if the object of taxation is income minus expenses - 7 percent).

Large investors will also benefit from additional tax benefits and free customs zone regime.

In particular, it is a duty-free import of goods imported to the Crimea, as well as the components and equipment needed to implement the projects.

Finally, land necessary for the implementation of the projects will be provided for rent without bidding for the term of the investment agreement, and permission for the construction of facilities needed for the implementation of investment projects and putting them into operation will be issued by the governments of the Crimea and Sevastopol in a simplified mode.