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Нelp in criminal defence

 Criminal cases always involve the vital interests of a person. And on the qualifications of a lawyer in such cases depends a lot of things. A properly represent the interests of both the victim and the accused can only be by a qualified lawyer. Advocates of the Crimean of the Moscow Bar Association "The Last Patrol" have extensive practical experience in criminal cases in all categories:

  • crimes against life and health
  • Crimes against property
  • crimes against economic activities
  • crimes against public security
  • crimes against public health and morality
  • crimes against traffic safety and operation of transport
  • crimes against the government, interests of public service
  • crimes against minors
  • and others

Legal assistance in the form of representation and defense in criminal cases, both at the stage of preliminary investigation and in court is the exclusive authority of the legal profession. The basis for the admission of a lawyer to participate in a criminal case, a warrant. Warrant issued legal practice in which the lawyer is on the basis of agreement between the lawyer and the person who applied for legal aid.

Our advocates are ready to come to your for help at all stages of the criminal process. Here is a partial list of our services in criminal cases:

  • protection of the interests of the principal (the suspect, the accused) in the criminal proceedings in the course of the inquiry, the preliminary investigation
  • a visit to the principal (suspect, accused) in a detention facility and temporary detention
  • training, in the framework of criminal proceedings, claims, complaints, petitions
  • appeal against the decision to institute criminal proceedings
  • appeal against remand
  • familiarization with the materials of the criminal case.

Remember, criminal cases - it is the category of cases where the savings to a lawyer or to attract to participate in the defense of unskilled specialist, could result in irreparable consequences for the defendant.