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Legal help in civil cases

 Legal help in civil cases is guaranteed by the law, including the Constitution and international legal acts of the right of every human.

At the moment, the market for legal services is very saturated. There are many law firms that have a wide range of services, including leading civil cases. The price of services of the same professional may vary considerably, depending on the amount of work to be done to provide legal assistance to the customer. The amount that will be required to pay for certain services, will be presented by experts only after initial examination with the basic aspects of the specific legal problems in the preliminary consultation. Preliminary consultation - is a paid service, but the cost of it is rarely high, and most people can afford pay for these services. Often, at the stage of preliminary consultation, person decides whether he should continue the work, or the cost of it will be unreasonably high.

Of course, the cost of legal services in civil cases are often very cheap. However, participation in the proceedings of qualified specialists - is almost a necessary condition for a positive outcome of the case, as the average citizen who does not have special education, will not be able to competently and convincingly defend their rights in court and won in a civil case.

We offer citizens professional legal assistance for all categories of civil cases:

  • Divorce and alimony;

  • Property partition;

  • help on credit and other disputes with Ukrainian banks;

  • Inheritance cases;

  • Registration of citizens in country houses ("residence permit in the country");

  • Legalization of unauthorized constructions;

  • Support of transactions with real estate, registration and re-registration of the property;

  • Housing and land disputes;

  • Matters relating to the protection of consumers' rights


Our lawyers and attorneys will be able to competently advise you to make the necessary documents and represent you in court or state and municipal authorities.

We thoroughly know the Russian legislation, and have extensive experience in various fields of Russian law, as well as more than a year operates on the territory of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol - city of federal significance.