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Продажа готовых юридических лиц в Крыму
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Protection of the arbitral tribunal in the Crimea

 Representing clients in the courts - a set of legal services, which are aimed at achieving the results set by the client, in the resolution of civil, economic and other disputes in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration courts, as well as the resolution of issues and conflicts that arise in the course of interaction with state authorities.

Law firm "Last Patrol" provides services in the representation of interests in courts of all instances in Simferopol and Sevastopol. A careful studying of documents and drafting pleadings, preparation of objections, search and preparation of the necessary evidence. Representing clients in court, is the main activity of our work. As the victory of the majority of the trials is dependent on the performance of competent lawyer we are advising people not to ignore services of a lawyer and do not try to carry out a complex legal process on their own. We're not trying to impose our services, but rather want to protect our customers from rash decisions. Often the wrong strategy and ignorance of the law can lead to a negative decision of the court and denied the opportunity to deal with the same requirement again. Our lawyers primarily in detail consult you and talk about future plans and opportunities of work, then, you probably understand how to do better for you.

The arbitration courts consider economic disputes arising from civil and other legal relations in the sphere of entrepreneurial and other economic activities.

The most common types of arbitration disputes occurring in our legal practice:

  • representation in court on corporate disputes;
  • representation in court to recover the debt;
  • taxing disputes;
  • contestations of non-legislative acts, decisions and actions (inaction) of state bodies;
  • compensation losses;
  • representation in court to challenge the validity of contracts;
  • Disputes of default or improper performance of obligations; -representation in court on the other disputes.
  • Disputes about the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations;
  • representation in court on the other disputes.

The system of courts of general jurisdiction in the Russian Federation are: The Supreme Courts of the subjects of the Russian Federation, district courts and Justices of the Peace.

The system of arbitration courts in the Russian Federation are: arbitration courts of districts (arbitration cassation courts), arbitration appellate courts; arbitration courts of first instance in the republics, territories, regions, federal cities, autonomous region, autonomous districts (further - arbitration courts of the Russian Federation); specialized arbitration courts.

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body for civil cases, cases of economic disputes, criminal, administrative and other cases under the jurisdiction of the courts, formed in accordance with the Federal Constitutional "law" "On the Judicial System of the Russian Federation" and the federal "laws."

The most common kinds of civil disputes occurring in our legal practice:

  • Recovery of debts;
  • Family disputes (divorce, division of property, alimony);
  • Disputes in an traffic accident;
  • protection of consumer rights;
  • Land disputes;
  • representation in the Labour Court;
  • representation in court on housing disputes