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Law and legal support of business in the Crimea


Law and legal support of business in CRIMEA

The transitional period ended on 1 January 2015, and from that date to organizations and entrepreneurs in the Crimea have to carry out their activities in the Russian legal field.

Take the lawyer under an employment contract, albeit part-time, it is not always beneficial. Firstly, need to increase wages and deductions, and secondly, to organize additional workplaces thirdly, the employee can leave on sick or maternity and absent from work at the wrong time and is not always possible to take him/her away as soon as possible and sometimes it means for you a long legal battle and in the end can expect to pay a large sum of enforced employee idleness.

Therefore, for many organizations it is easier and more profitable to enter into a contract for subscription services with a law firm. This immediately solves several problems: the lawyers in law firm are interchangeable in unforeseen circumstances, no reason to create new workplace as a lawyer can work with your documents in his office, and in the case of poor service of your law firm the contract can be terminated at any time by agreement of the parties, as provided for by the contract.

Complex legal services of corporate clients in Crimea.

In recent years, the most effective and popular method of legal service companies became legal support of business. In this case, legal support of the company undertake external independent legal experts for a subscription fee. This increases the efficiency of interaction of the company with the state regulatory agencies, increased the percentage won and dispute resolution, optimized economic activity, improving the system of internal control. Our law firm provides services in this area for a long time, has good reviews.

We offer our customers conclude a contract for complex legal service. The amount and cost of our services are completely dependent on your needs and agreed individually. Our lawyers when necessary will carry out the re-registration of your company and will result in compliance with the Russian legislation, all documentation (employment contracts, internal local acts), and will address all the legal issues arising in the course of your activities. In addition, our lawyer can be present in your workplace within agreed hours or days. If necessary, within the framework of complex service we can provide you not only legal services, but also to your accounts by qualified Russian accountants.

BENEFITS of our legal service 

  • the cost of providing legal services in this format will be much lower than the cost of maintaining a staff lawyer (one or two areas of activity), for the money you get the staff, every one of them - a unique specialist in his direction.

  • you can always cancel the contract with the law firm, if you believe the quality of service unsatisfactory

  • after signing the contract for subscription services, the client provides by following services: advice on the correct action in the legal field, assistance in the preparation of written replies about the activities of the enterprise in the controlling bodies, representation in court, government agencies, in negotiations, legal examination of all documents (contracts, letters, orders, complaints, petitions, statements, claims, constituent documents), legal support records management, labor relations, familiarize employees with applicable law (as part of activities of the company ) during the seminars.

  • you do not need to pay taxes, calculated from the salary of the employee, and provide him with a full "social package"

  • quality of services provided by the law firm, always higher then quality of service that your business will be able to provide by employed full-time worker lawyer, because one person can not be a good specialist in all areas, and at the conclusion of the contract, each employee in law firm specializing in a particular area of business support will be able to work out with a more qualitative objectives set by it.

  • qualified specialists working in law firms, more quickly resolve your problems because they have a good experience in dealing with all kinds of legal problems, and their activities are faced with a wide range of issues;

Business Legal Services offered by our company includes services such as:

  • legal advice on any legal matter;

  • legal support of transactions (contracts, their execution and termination);

  • services in support of enforcement proceedings;

  • other legal actions of business support in the Crimea;

  • development of projects and execution of contracts and other legal documents;

  • development of legal mechanisms for the implementation of the client's interests;